Our Founder & Our Story

Alanagh Godderidge

Founder / CEO of Motion by the Ocean Inc.

Inspiration and Foundation: Alanagh was inspired by a YouTube video in July 2017, which led her to procure a purpose-built trishaw to provide bike rides for those who are less mobile. Recognising the need in her community, she collaborated with local supporter Alicia Gangemi to fund this initial purchase.

Community Support: With support from volunteers, businesses, the local community, and all three tiers of government, Cycling Without Age Sorrento was launched, offering free rides to senior and less mobile individuals along West Coast Drive between Mullaloo and Trigg.

Expansion and Collaboration: Alanagh initially started gathering support for W.A.’s first Trishaw service in mid 2017. Piggybacking from the international grass roots movement, Moving Cycling Without Age (Copenhagen), Cycling Without Age Sorrento was formed.

Recognising the positive response, the initiative gained more supporters. Other Trishaw services in and around Perth starting to get to work too. Alanagh collaborated with like-minded individuals that led to the establishment of co-founding Cycling Without Age Western Australia and then Cycling Without Age Australia in 2019.

In 2020 Alanagh then concentrated her efforts within her own community. Believing support is stronger when business and volunteers come from the area in which the deliver/support, Alanagh then stepped back from a national role to concentrate on the area she lives and loves in Sorrento. Alanagh then formed the charity, Motion by the Ocean Inc and assembled a board to support its two programs. 

Formation of Motion by the Ocean Inc:  Knowing logistics remain simple when services are delivered locally by locals, Alanagh then decided to concentrate her efforts within her own community, forming the charity Motion By The Ocean Inc. As well as delivering Cycling Without Age Sorrento, we introduced a secondary program called Moving Food. This was established due to the effects of Covid-19. This program continues to this day, now recognised as a service needed more than ever before.

Community Impact:  Motion by the Ocean Inc. has made a significant impact within the community it serves. Valuing long meaningful coastal rides, they have supported more than 8200 Trishaw passengers and cycled more than 52,000 passenger kms. This is the same as the distance as Perth to Copenhagen, return — TWICE. This is in addition to the 2,990 Volunteer Trishaw positions that enabled these rides. The Moving Food program has delivered 42,000+ meals to seniors and vulnerable individuals living within our community.

As we enter our seventh year, we continue to be the most regular Trishaw service of its type in the country.

Continued Growth:  Now a fleet of five trishaws, the organisation continues to grow. As well as providing our usual rides from Sorrento Surf Lifesaving Club to Trigg and northwards towards Mullaloo, we have now expanded our services to include group rides from Sorrento Quay, Hillarys Boat Harbour.

This expansion has meant 2023 was our most impactful year to date, with our rides doubling from the year previously.

We are pleased to announce when SSLSC’s new building is completed, it will become the home base of our charity. This is recognition of our value to the community.

Meaningful Journey:  Motion by the Ocean Inc. has not only provided essential services but also fostered new friendships, demonstrating the power of community support and kindness. Alanagh and her strong team have shown how a simple idea can evolve into a significant movement, positively impacting the lives of many within the community.

Alanagh Godderidge is the founder and CEO of Motion by the Ocean Inc. and a pioneer of the Cycling Without Age movement in Western Australia.
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