Moving Food

At Motion by the Ocean Inc. we swiftly adapted to support the community during the challenging times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our efforts in partnering with Second Bite and Foodbank to collect and redistribute surplus food to those in need have made a significant impact on supporting vulnerable members of our community.

Our initiative not only addresses immediate food supply concerns but also demonstrates the importance of community collaboration and support during crises. The expansion of partnerships, such as the one with Foodbank, indicates an ongoing commitment to improving and broadening the reach of our services.

As the demand for our services continues to grow due to increased cost-of-living pressures, it’s crucial to maintain and even expand our network of volunteers, donors, and support systems.  We are constantly exploring additional avenues for funding or support to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of our programs in the long term.

Continuing to collaborate with local representatives, service groups and caregivers for referrals ensures that our aid reaches those who need it the most.  Our dedication to supporting vulnerable members of the community is essential in fostering resilience and solidarity during challenging times and beyond.

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