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Cycling Without Age Sorrento

At Motion By The Ocean Inc our aim is to promote inclusivity and friendship while helping to diminish social isolation.

Cycling Without Age Sorrento is supported by our charity, Motion By The Ocean Inc. This, our core program, offers WA’s founding free trishaw service.

Cycling those less mobile allows for good conversation between our volunteers and passengers. This connection enables our supported people to feel valued and remain included within their community — all while being surrounded by our beautiful coastal environment!

As we ride every morning of the week, there is much flexibility to suit your own schedule. If you are available during the week, we ask for two rides a month. If you would like to be one of our “weekend warriors” we ask for a once-a-month commitment.

Please note, all day-to-day communications and rostering is done via FaceBook Messenger. It is essential we are all on the same platform to allow for easy communications. It would be handy if you join our FB group too — Motion By The Ocean Inc. If you need any further information, please ask.

Take a look at these two videos and see how your time can improve the lives of others:

 The medical student trying to end loneliness 

 Motion by the Ocean video

Before you proceed, you can experience a ride in a trishaw while talking to a volunteer pilot along the way. Book a ride for yourself and a senior family member or friend.

Ready to commit? Just click (or tap) the button to begin the application process.

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